Every event seems to be a musical surprise. Even when we've tried to establish a focussed theme, like 'jazz', 'the blues', or you know, ACOUSTIC music, it still veers off into the unknown. Possibly the real USP of Acoustickle is not a particular style of music, but a playground for creative self expression.

Over the last 9 years we've welcomed guests from different continents as well as hundreds of Nottingham based musicians/poets. In this time, we've had some spontaneous jam sessions, a few wild evenings (the Monday's and Thursday's got too wild considering it was a school night), and even people from the audience getting on stage to share their own work.

On Sunday 8th April we are heading home to where Acoustickle started, The Maze.

Without The Maze, there would be no Acoustickle. That's a fact. We're gonna have a really big party to acknowledge such a thing.

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BOADI and the BANKU POWERS - The UK's new D'Angelo is hitting Nottingham for the first time. Boadi recently featured on the COLORS series, performing a track from his EP. Click here to see the Colors video, and here for his EP on Soundcloud.

ABII - A woman that we believe has some of the same genes as the artist Prince. She's a firework of soul, jazz, RnB, rock n roll and funk. Abii has become part of the Acoustickle tapestry since performing numerous times at Acoustickle Saltbox. Click here for her Facebook page.

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