Nottingham music GLOWS in 2017

Without a doubt 2017 has been one of Nottingham's most prolific. With atists like Mezzo, Snowy, Uncle Mez, Yazmin Lacey and The Echoes, Garton, Bud, Young T and Bugsey, Lia White, Daudi Matsiko and a bunch of others getting widespread acclaim, we couldn't be more proud of local musicians.

Acoustickle hosted over 20 live music events and over 100 artists this year, including Tiana Major9 at our 8th birthday, Flow In The Caves with Plates Vinyl, Akua Naru (2nd year running), and the season of Acoustickle Saltbox Bar showcases.

The crowd always give us feedback, so keep reading to find out the Audience Picks for Acoustickle 2017!

AKUA NARU with members of EZRA COLLECTIVE - Of course, international poet/rapper with the drummer that backs Jorja Smith (Femi Koleoso) gave you the most amount of life. We heard things like 'this is the best gig I've ever been to', and 'she was just so impressive'... Even this past week we got a nod about it!

BROADSTROKES - When George French aka Broadstrokes performed one of his first full band gigs for us at the Saltbox, we could not have been more absorbed in the music. It was a small crowd that night in September, but one of the most asked about. Broadstrokes could be a very big name in jazz.

PETER BEARDSWORTH - He glows in any room, and deserves massive respect. Piano, saxophone, clarinet, production, decks, there's just no limit to his gifts. We love you Pete Bearsdworth!

TIANA MAJOR9 - Her first visit to Nottingham was for our 8th birthday, and even as recently as 2 weeks ago someone asked if we were brining her back. She's such a talented jazz-rnb-soul singer and even Terri Walker thinks so!

CHAI LARDEN & BENJAMIN HIBBERT - People love them together, and love them solo. They've played various events in both capacities, as well as jumping on with Parisa East. Soulful with excellent songwriting skills between them, let's hope an album comes out soon.

ABII - She's exciting to watch with a brilliant vocal talent. Abii got a lot of comments from women who seemed to feel empowered by her performances.

MARITA METELIA - A magnificent voice with so much texture, Marita uses her guitar and loop pedals to be a sound artist rather than singer-songwriter. Even Suns of Dub from Trinidad showed Marita love this year.

LIA WHITE - Her voice has falsetto qualities that she controls perfectly. Her style and confidence inspired us all. We know she's in the studio with Can't Stop Won't Stop, so prepare for a big release.

J LITTLES - A wordsmith that doesn't shy from showing his humanity rather than posturing with bravado, Littles featured in the freestyle event FLOW in the caves, plus helped co-ordinate the Soul Cyphers.

ONKAUR - Shaan was particularly loved by rappers and other singers. Her voice is quite jazzy and flexible, but truly RnB. We know she's going to do really well over the next few years.

MOLLIE RALPH - Such a powerhouse vocal with huge dynamic and old-soul quality, everyone agrees she's got a certain something.

LOWRIE - People loved his voice, live production and general style. Lowrie is very talented with a mournful tone that hits your heart as he's singing. He could be on par with some famous names if he keeps going