Hello! What is your name, and what do you do?

I'm Daudi Matsiko, I write songs and play them to people.

What are your proudest musical achievements to date?

Errr... Easily getting to make songs with my friends and that being an actual job.

Where did you start, and do you remember what year that was?

I grew up in this town called Ramsey in East Anglia. That's where I started to play guitar and write songs. I started gigging in my early teens in Cambridgeshire and started playing solo sets around 2003. I stopped playing proper gigs between 2009 and 2012/13... because drama.

When did you meet Acoustickle, and close to the start were we?

I ended up in Notts around 2010. I eventually started playing open mics around Newark a lot in 2012. I started having a blast playing live again, I was in a pretty bad way around that time, so it was lovely getting to play tunes again. I think you and my brother were friends and he asked if i wanted to play a gig in Nottingham... so i did! And it was proper lovely, although I'm pretty sure my set was rusty to say the least. That night I met Matt Blick, Shelter Point, Wheatley and Yazmin Lacey for the first time - who by the way was crazy stunning, I made a right fool of myself turning into a bit of a crazed fan instantly, she is an absolute don. So you guys were my first proper gig in Nottingham and my first gig in a few years.

What is our unique history together?

So that show was really special and I've gigged / remained friends with almost everyone on the bill that night. I've never done a gig like that before where I've fallen in love with every single band/musician/singer starting off as total strangers. Pretty golden.

What are you working on at the moment?

More songs! Hopefully they won't be terrible.

What do you dream about accomplishing in the next couple of years?

Loads of stuff... but mostly just employment. A relentless stream of success would be nice, but i'm not counting on it... that's not how real life works out. But that's not a good enough reason to not give it a go.

What’s really important for unsigned/independent musicians to do?

Listen to your friends. Do stuff you really care about. Don't stop doing things you care about. Look after your mental health. Don't stop.

Any final words?

Oh wait! I have vinyl coming out later this year, pretty soon actually. I think that's going to be my proudest moment to date... actually getting on wax! Nuts. Dx