We've had a fantastic run of near-weekly events, and with November looking super hot, we're definitely not chilling out this winter. Come meet the artists and let us heat you up like a pumpkin spiced cinnamon gingerbread latte with extra marshmallows.

We fell in love with Mollie Ralph at her performance in the Angel Microbrewery. She's got a stunning voice and is a talented writer for sure. Folky, soulful, but not limited to any description, the vibrations of her music will grip you, and from this you will make your own mind up. [1st Acoustickle Performance]

Capital CALLING is a fairly new on the scene, but ready make the esoteric mainstream and follow his dreams in spreading consciousness to all the world. Catch an early performance from this talented artist whilst he builds his first studio release.

The Soul Cypher is the brainchild of J Littles who wants to see more singers and less rappers on hip hop beats. This will be only the 2nd Soul Cypher since the first at our Saltbox Gods and Goddesses launch party. As we keep bringing them back you will be amazed the improvisational skills of these Nottingham vocalists. The art of freestyle is definitely something to behold.

Free Entry, 7pm - Midnight

J Gold is the director of LTMT, a hip hop group we had the pleasure of hosting multiple times both with a live band and with a DJ playing their instrumentals. J is multi-talented, with his own productions often backing his lyrics as a rapper. A favourite of Kemet FM, he has long-standing prestige in Nottingham.

Obi Rudo is a multi-lingual rapper living in Nottingham. He spits in both French and English and is often seen 'busking' out near Victoria Centre. We love his honest (and sometimes heartbreaking) lyricism. [1st Acoustickle Performance]

Parisa East is rhythmic, jazzy, and adopts a 'free sing style' as dubbed by Percydread. Having worked with many artists behind the scenes, her own music is only just being revealed.

Free Entry, 7pm - Midnight

Adam Peter Smith recently released his stunning EP Songs For Dreamers, co-written with pianist David Keye. Dean Jackson has shown it lots of love. On this night we will get a solo set to show his dreamy vocals.

Kareem Jamal is a hip hop artist who returning home to Nottingham to show why he is more than a rapper. His delivery reminds of spoken word at time, only to be much heavier at others.

Alice Lynn is not yet 18 years old, but with an upbringing of folk and punk clearly part of her heritage, this girl is surprisingly brilliant and one to embrace. We think she has a very bright future and can't wait to see her again. [1st Acoustickle Performance]

Roiael is another bright star in the making. His richly textured tone is choral, folky and RnB-esque somehow all together. [1st Acoustickle Performance]

Free Entry, 7pm - Midnight